US Condemns Peshawar Attack (

tu dia lepas dah kena bomb mmg kenalah condemn kan

ramai rupanya warga usa kat peshawar neh ek

memang besar gak la base depa kat sana. harap2 x berjangkit ke islamabad la kan

kalau dah start masuk ke islamabad blast2 neh susah la sket aku nak bergerak jalan2 cari makan lepas neh

peshawar neh dah setiap hari kena bom ne, lahore dah kena last month, karachi masa hari asyura dulu

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WASHINGTON: The United States on Monday condemned an attack on the US consulate in Peshawar and expressed “great concern” after militants targeted the building in the provincial capital.

“We strongly condemn the violence,” said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs.

The United States said at least two Pakistani security guards employed by the consulate were killed and a number of others seriously wounded.

The attacks in quick succession were among the deadliest so far this year in the country.

Gibbs said Monday that the attacks had only succeeded in killing Pakistanis, something which in the past had merely served to strengthen Islamabad’s determination to battle the militants.— AFP


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