Blast at The Car Park, Jinnah Super Market F-7 – Police Investigating Explosion in Islamabad (

“Interior Minister Rehman Malik Orders Report of Jinnah Super Blast”

“Jinnah Super blast was of low intensity – Interior Minister”

“Explosions at Jinnah Super Market – No Casualties Reported”

ok now aku dah rasa sungguh tak selamat dok kat islamabad ni

all these while semua blasts berlaku luar islamabad ie peshawar, lahore or karachi etc

tapi malam tadi at 1030pm berlaku kat dalam 300m je from rumah aku

this is so damn scary! tuhan sahaja yg tahu…

source here

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ISLAMABAD: Police say there has been an explosion in a parking lot at a market in Islamabad.

Police official Munawar Alam says authorities are investigating the source of the blast. He says nobody has been killed or wounded by the explosion.

An Associated Press reporter near the scene could see broken glass, branches and leaves scattered around the parking lot.


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