rakyat malaysia dibebas di uae….

alhamdulillah rakyat malaysia di uae, warga kerja pecd (juga mcob) telah dibebaskan….

Selepas 43 Hari: Ucapan Terima Kasih!

DUBAI, Oct 24 (Bernama) — After more than 40 days in the police lock-up here, PECD LLC senior manager Zainal Adnan Khairuddin was released when the court dropped the case against him following a settlement between the parties concerned.

Zainal, 39, was charged with signing two company cheques which were subsequently dishonoured.

His lawyer, Ali Mohammad Tamim, said the court made the ruling under a clause in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) law which stated that if the parties reached a settlement the court would drop the case.

“In this case the ruling was based on the settlement letter from Kele Contracting,” he told Bernama after the court proceedings Tuesday.

Zainal’s case was first brought before the court on Sept 23 and the case was postponed to Tuesday pending a settlement between PECD and Kele Contracting.

He had signed the two cheques for one million dirham (about RM938,000) each as the second signatory, in his capacity as PECD LLC senior manager (finance) in Dubai.

The dropping of the charge was a great relief to Zainal, who had been detained since September 9 and had to spend the fasting month and Aidilfitri in the lock-up.

Both he and wife, Arina Abdullah, broke into wide smiles when told by Ali Mohammad that the case had finally been settled and that he was free.

PECD LLC is a subsidiary of PECD Bhd, a construction, development and energy company.


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