do sexy clothes land women in trouble?

one of my friend forwarded me this blog entry. i read and i like it.

it’s regarding the current issue of mpkb ruling for decent clothing.

i like the way the blogger orchestrated his blog entry. pasted here are the last three paragraphs of his blog entry

Which makes me wonder why certain quarters consider the imposition of headscarf a symbol of oppression on Muslim women? If anything, it is to protect and safeguard a woman’s dignity from undesirable behaviors that may arise as a result of not covering up. As the facts and figures presented earlier indicate, Western nations, the so-called champions of women’s rights, suffer the most from sexual crimes against women. You cannot help but wonder why their policy of “equality” and “transparency”(pun intended) results in a more dismal situation for women. You also cannot help but wonder why the Islamic policy of “subjugation” has resulted in much lower numbers of rape cases in Muslim countries.

In an ideal society where every individual is capable of self-discipline, it makes sense not to impose too many restrictions on the citizens. However, when matters spiral out of control, certain drastic measures have to be put in place to keep them in check. MPKB’s latest move to crack down on indecent attire among retail workers is necessary in order to mitigate the risk of sexual crimes. The council does not wish to be seen as emboldening other decently-clothed women to do the same thing. At any rate, the move should not be viewed in a negative light as the sole intention is to protect women.

As the statistics have shown, it is the young, bubbly and attractive women who are in a much greater risk of falling prey to sexual predators, and Islamic laws may have just the answer to the worsening problem.

read full article, published by local daily, the sun here

or simply click to his blog entry here


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