74 Ahmadis Slain As They Prayed in Lahore (Dawn.com)

ya di pakistan mmg terdapat beberapa secretarian atau berlainan jemaah

walaupun hampir kesemuanya memeluk agama islam yakni dalam 97% di sini

kejadian semalam sebenarnya berpunca daripada kebencian ke atas secretarian yang lain

aku mmg dah lama la fobia dengan solat jumaat di sini

bermula pada kes pengeboman di masjid di chaklala di islamabad december tahun lepas

mereka open fire di dalam masjid selepas solat jumaat, baling grenade dan seorang suicide bomber meletupkan diri di dalam masjid

akibatnya masjid runtuh dan lebih 400 orang mati di situ juga

kebanyakkannya mati disebabkan tidak dapat menyelamatkan diri tatkala masjid runtuh tiba2 sahaja

perkara sebeginilah yang membuatkan aku tergerak hati untuk solat jumaat di luar islamabad

kini aku hanya solat jumaat di dalam satu masjid sahaja

tak berani rasanya nak solat di masjid lain. precaution dan gerak hati amat penting di bumi pakistan

u dont need to be at the wrong place and at the wrong time. buruk akibatnya nanti

kalau anda rasa tidak selamat, lebih baik beredar segera kerana jika ada bom yang meletop, anda masih selamat

dan jika tiada bom meletup sekalipun, anda masih lagi selamat

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LAHORE: Terrorists added another bloody chapter to the violence-riddled recent history of Lahore when they struck two worship places of the Ahmadiya community in the city on Friday, leaving 74 people dead and more than 113 injured.

According to some TV channels, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (Punjab chapter) has claimed responsibility for the attacks. This was the worst attack on Ahmadia community todate. The dead included Lahore Amir of the Jamaat Ahmadiya and former accountability judge Munir Sheikh, his deputy Naseer Ahmed, a retired lieutenant general said to be in his 90s who was also the chief of the Jamaat for the Model Town area, Anwer Shad, Imam of Bait-ul-Noor, Chaudhry Hafeez, a lawyer, and Wapda’s deputy director Lal Khan.

In almost simultaneous attacks, terrorists struck the worship places in Garhi Shahu and Model Town where a large number of people of the community had gathered for Friday congregations.

SSP Investigations Zulfiqar Hameed told Dawn that 74 people had been killed and 113 injured in the twin attacks, adding that 24 bodies of the Model Town attack were brought to Jinnah Hospital and 50 bodies of the Garihi Sahu strike to Mayo Hospital.

At least 50 people were killed in Darul Zikr in Garhi Shahu which, according to the police, was attacked by three terrorists at around 1:35pm. More than a thousand people were said to be inside the worship place at the time of the attack.

Armed with AK-47 rifles, shotguns, grenades, wearing suicide jackets and firing automatic weapons indiscriminately, the terrorists occupied the worship place for several hours, frustrating several police attempts to enter the building, delaying rescue work and holding hundreds of people hostage.

Later, they blew themselves up when challenged by police.

The attackers entered the worship place by killing the guard at the gate and then opened indiscriminate fire in the hall where a large number of worshippers were present.

Police took control of the place at around 5pm after an operation which involved commandos of the elite police force. Only then rescue workers were able to take the injured to hospitals and retrieve the bodies.

A technician of City-42 TV channel was also killed while covering the incident. At least 74 people, nine of them policemen, were injured in the attack.

Police said that two terrorists were involved in the Model Town attack in which, according to government figures, 22 people were killed and more than 40 injured. The two assailants in Model Town first blew up a bomb-rigged motorcycle parked outside the place of worship.

Members of the Jamaat Ahmadiya told Dawn that worshippers in their thousands were gathered at the place, Bait-ul-Noor, at the time of the terror strike.

One of the attackers tried to explode his suicide vest, but couldn’t properly detonate it and was arrested in injured condition. He was identified as Amir Muavia.

Witnesses said that another suicide bomber was overpowered by worshippers when he tried to set off the bomb strapped to his body. According to police and Punjab government sources, his name was Abdullah and he was in his teens. Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah told media that the young boy belonged to Rahim Yar Khan and attended a madressah in Karachi.

In contrast to the official word on the number of attackers, it is feared that the terrorists who carried out the Model Town attack did have some other accomplices, who might have escaped after the attack.

This theory got strengthened when the crew of a TV channel reported that a man coming out of the Bait-ul-Noor after the attack had fired at them before fleeing from the scene.

The Mayo Hospital received most of the casualties from Garhi Shahu while most of those hit by the strike in Model Town were taken to Jinnah Hospital. Several injured people and some bodies were taken to Sheikh Zayed Hospital, General Hospital, Services Hospital and Ganga Ram Hospital.

Police recovered severed heads of three suicide bombers in Garhi Shahu, but their identity was yet to be established.

Talking to the media after personnel of law-enforcement agencies had cleared the two buildings on Friday evening, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif praised effort of police in overpowering the attackers. He, however, ordered an immediate inquiry into allegations that police didn’t react fast to minimise casualties.

Many of those who were present at the site of the two attacks said they were horrified by the incident and protested against the lack of proper security arrangements which made it that much easier for terrorists to target innocent people. A witness to the Model Town strike told Dawn the Ahmadiya community feared violence against it in the wake of threats made to its members.

The statement was corroborated by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. In its reaction to Friday’s target-killing, HRCP chairperson Asma Jahangir said her organisation was aware of the presence of the threat and had conveyed its concerns to the Punjab government a year ago.


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