Vote Earth for Earth Hour 2009 !

eh aku dah blog dah pasal neh dulu kan kat sini

kali neh kali ke-2 lah.

hehe semangat beb !

– – – – –

hehe cool giler ah poster, banner ngan vid diaorang

mmg cool terasa retro sket kan

source here

This year, the world’s first global election is taking place, an election between earth and global warming. It’s not about what country you are from, but what planet you are from. Your light switch is your vote. We need one billion votes for earth, because our planet is worth saving. Vote Earth by simply switching off your lights for one hour and join the world for Earth Hour. Saturday march 28th, 8:30-9:30pm.

jom kita padamkan lampu weiiiii

biar bergelap sket. sejuk sket la dunia neh kan. hehe

sekali sekala layan bahasa orang lain best kan ! hehe

el planeta !


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