Three Killed, Nine Injured in Peshawar Blast (

depa ni mmg dah xde keje lain dah la ni kan

pagi tadi ada target killing kat karachi

petang2 lepas makan chapati, ada plak bomb blast kat peshawar

aku tengok kat peshawar ni memang almost setiap hari ada je bom yang meletop

source here

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PESHAWAR: A suicide bomber who stumbled and blew up his vest of explosives prematurely on the outskirts of Pakistan’s city of Peshawar killed three civilians on Thursday, police said.

“Three people were killed and nine wounded. All are civilians. The dead include a small child and two men,” police official Fazal Maula told AFP.

The bomber intended to target a convoy of paramilitary Frontier Corps about 10 kilometers (six miles) outside central Peshawar, police said.

“The suicide bomber wanted to hit an FC convoy. It was a small bazaar outside Peshawar. He was wearing a suicide jacket, he fell down and it exploded prematurely. He could not reach the target,” said Maula.

“Four people were killed, including a suicide bomber. We are investigating,” confirmed police official Tauseef Haider. – AFP/Dawn


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