Twin Blast at Lahore, I Am Safe & Sound

Live Update: 12 Mar ’10, 6.00pm PKT PST
From: Nokia E71
Author: KNizam

Thanks for all the concern, sms and emails, and yes i am still at lahore
I heard about the twin blasts just now right from the discussion room
Both the market and the masjid that been hit were in the middle of the town
I am supposed have 4 discussions today at lahore at 4 diff locations.
The 1st discussion took place at the model town, yes, the fia building that ve blasted and collapsed was in this town
But dun worry so far i am safe n sound
Tadi mmg rasa dah tergerak hati x nak pegi solat jumaat, penat barangkali, musafir lagi
Else x tahulah sempat ke idak update blog ni lepas solat jumaat
Now i a otw to the airport
U can see clearly that there s 1 army standby to shoot u every 100m at the main lahore road
That was scary ok, more than scary that u ve ever thought
Jangan depa attack airport cukup
Gua nak balik islamabad malam ni gak, no second thought, x sanggup nak stay kat lahore lagi
Pray for my safe journey to ISB kejap lagi. Adios


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