The Hunt For Gollum

hehe tetiba plak ada orang yang buat episode 1 of the lotr kan

boleh tahan gak la trailer dia neh


check this out ok

A new 39 minute Lord of the Rings episode telling of Aragorn’s hunt for Gollum before The Fellowship of the Ring. This high concept short film is brought to the screen for free by Independent Online Cinema.
Made by talented volunteer filmmakers for under $5,000, the film is a faithful tribute to the style of Peter Jackson’s trilogy and the world of J.R.R. Tolkien telling how Aragorn tracked down Gollum between The Hobbit & The Fellowship of the Ring.

The film achieved over 1 million views in the first week of release in May 2009. (Dailymotion) and wide press acclaim for it’s high production values on a microbudget.

This Youtube version is slightly extended with 1 scene added back in.


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