Silent Mode @ Gleneagles Intan III

22.09.2008 @ 0630hrs

hari ni rasa mcm biasa. pagi ni sejuk sikit. solat suboh dalam kesejukan

bertolak ke pj mcm biasa. dah mula pasang lagu2 raya

best plak dengar lagu sanisah huri tadi. tukar2 radio station

takde yang pasang lagu p ramlee or lagu mamat exist. haish!

terasa syahdu seketika. terus dengar ceramah ustaz wan sohor di

hope that the op today berjalan dengan lancar.

need to get the 1/2 day approval before embark to gleneagles intan at 1215hrs

22.09.2008 @ 1140hrs

me at the office at pj. tried to regularise all the monday blues.

rescheduled all today’s discussion later.

quite a number of important meeting need to be attended tomorrow and the day after

a discussion worth 145mil indeed. hah!

duniawi mula mencengkam…

just get the 1/2 day approval from my boss. alhamdulillah

22.09.2008 @ 1215hrs

drive all the way from tasi jaya pj to menara tm

need to get the biskut samperit ordered earlier for mom

dengar beduk berbunyi, sayup bergema di suboh sunyi

memanggil kepada muslimin, segera berbakti kepada Ilahi

suara azan menyahut, terdengar sayup memecah sunyi

memohon restu dengan bakti, kepada Ilahi tuhan maha suci

terkenang kampung halaman la plaks. ahaks

this ain’t be a normal raya to us anymore…

22.09.2008 @ 1245hrs

drive to gleneagles.

by the time you read this, i am adjusting my car at the parking lot gleneagles intan, ampang.

touch n go really makes life easier here.

no need to get the hard cash to pay the parking. cool eh ?


i’ll update this blog from the hospital once i arrived there ❗

watch this space…

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