SAP Customer Info Day Q1 2008 kat Westin ?

once in a while i have the opportunity to attend this quartely event organised by SAP Malaysia. They’ll give me free lunch. But I need to attend and listen to their talk about their new products. mostly new product wrt to SAP system la. hehehehe 🙂

SAP focuses on six industry sectors: process industries, discrete industries, consumer industries, service industries, financial services, and public services.[14] It offers more than 25 industry solution portfolios for large enterprises[15] and more than 550 micro-vertical solutions for midsize companies and small businesses.[16]  from wiki

company aku pakai sap system. tuh yang sap malaysia kena jemput kitaorang. hehehe ramai gak la yang datang.

kadang2 boring gak la info day diaorang neh. kadang2 mende yang diaorang present takde kaitan pun ngan aku. hehehe kalau ada pun sipi2 je. hahaha 🙂 so untuk kill the time aku kena la amik gambar2 kat sana kan.

nantikan kemunculan gambar2 info day neh nanti. heheh 🙂

lambat lagi daaaaaaaa 🙁

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