samsung men’s champion trophy 2007

i can’t believe it!

the hockey champion trophy tournament will be played here at our own kl’s bukit jalil stadium somewhere end of november 2007.

it’s cool.

dah lama rasanya tak tengok international hockey matches kat bukit jalil.

ever since i am involve with the hockey sticks, memang selalu menggila nak pergi ke bukit jalil. dulu aku pernah tengok commonwealth games 98, world cup 2002, and a few qualifying tournaments. memang best dapat tengok game live especially masa malaysia tengah main kan. hehehehehe. the stadium arcadium can accomodate about 15k people.

memang pack giler.

tapi best.

among other hockey powerhouse include – south korea, germany, holland, india, pakistan and of course the world cup champion 2002 – australia.

and not forgetting our own team – malaysia! hehehehe

2007 Men’s Champions Trophy (field hockey)

Samsung Champions Trophy 2007 to Malaysia

FIH moves Samsung Champions Trophy from Pakistan


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