Two Schools Blown Up in Bajaur Agency (

perghhh dah main letup2 kan sekolah la plak kat peshawar ni kan

takde benda yang mustahil la kat sini

semua benda nak dibomnya haha

masa aku sampai last year terus iiu kena bom. aku sampai kena pindah hotel ok

seb baik kali neh takde casualties kan

source here

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PESHAWAR: Two government schools were blown up in different parts of Bajaur Agency on Friday, increasing the number of schools attacked in the restive tribal agency to at least 70.

Official sources confirmed that the militants planted explosives in a government primary school in Mandal and blew it up.

Similarly, militants also planted explosives at another government primary school in Ghundai in Nawagai Tehsil.

No casualties were reported but the buildings have been seriously damaged.


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