finale 2007 = world no 1 vs world no 2

it’s world no 1 vs world no 2 for the finale of samsung’s champion trophy at bukit jalil tonight. who will get the title? who’ll be no 8 ? who’ll be playing in the rain ? hahahhahahaah power ar game finale tadi. minit ke 5 je germany score and the 1-0 result remained till the final whistle. hehehhheh that what we call a game la kan. aussie tried to get the equaliser until the last seconds but to no avail. memang susah la nak dapat goal kan kalau dah keadaan camtuh. bertubi2 aussie attack masa 2nd half but still germany nyer defend ngan keeper lagi terer la kan. congrats to both team. game memang best. attacking gila2 punya tadi.

masa league germany kalah teruk ngan aussie tapi tadi giler powr ar diaorang

as for malaysia, cuba lagi ok.

more pics here ok


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