Field Trip USA @ 8TV Replacing Destinasi Bajet Every Wednesday @ 9.30 pm !

ada rancangan baru lah yang ganti destinasi bajet

field trip usa plak la . ahaks ❗

weeeheee takde la bosan kan setiap rabu 9.30 malam

hehe kena tunggu destinasi bajet season 3 next year kan

sementara tuh kita layan la plak field trip usa neh ok

Starting 8 October 2008
9.30pm – 10.00pm

40 Malaysian teenagers relocated to the US to live and experience the American life for 6 months with a foster family. 8TV selected 8 students to be featured in this reality TV- travel log show. However, there is a twist to it – These 8 students will be put to the test to see how well they fit in with Uncle Sam’s lifestyle – waking up to homemade pancakes instead of Nasi Lemak, hanging out at the diner instead of a Mamak stall, dropping “soccer” to catch the Superbowl; amongst others! While our candidates are busy adapting to their new life, our host, Qi goes on all these 8 locations to check on them and to get a little “detour” on the side to catch the nation’s famous sights. Will it be just like how they see it in the movies, or will it not?? source here

boleh baca lebih lanjut kat blog ini ya

atau kat sini pun ader post gak !


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