Blogger’s Crack Under Pressure

I’m quite new to this regularly-typed-blogging activities. Even though I’ve set up my own blog at blogspot years back when blogging still not the main agenda of everybody in the web, I’m still unsure (partly translated as lazy) to blog. Perhaps it was due to the seasonal activities of blogging, or perhaps it might solely due to the vitamin M phenomenon (read: M = Malas).

Until recently when I attended this one talk (read: ceramah) at a little mosque (read:surau) at my office that triggered my mind to actively blog again. Not because of the recently-hit tsunami. Not because of someone hit my head and forced me to. It perhaps due to the way the “ustaz” gave his “ceramah”. Non-stop, full of knowlege, fun and histerically amazing. I wondered how can that be? Why you would listen to someone whom you didn’t have relationship with? It’s not a mere 1 minute man. It’s almost an hour! And the talk is about something that you’re close to. Your heart. Your soul. And your as a servant of Allah.

The talk goes like this……

Have you read the latest discovery of 2 victims of tsunami at the sea? The male was busy repairing the mosque the minute the tunami pounded Acheh. Strucked by deadly waves and blown to the sea, but still alive. Amazing isn’t it? Even after 5-10 days stranded at the sea, with rain as plain-drinks and what-ever left as food, they still survived. I can imagine how they felt when they’re alone at the sea. They (including me and you) will felt lonely. Hopeless. Cried. Feels like dying.

Have you ever think that when you’re alone and you’re in a big trouble (and sooner death will separate you from this world!), the distance between you and your Creator is just a mere distance of a “Doa” (read: pray). You’ll pray to survive. You’ll try to get your Creator’s consent to still breathe and see His world. You’ll voluntarily cried whilst performing your “Doa”. It’s not a fairy-tale-sort-of-drama anymore. It’s not like those sinister-jokes you’ve made with people around you. You pray. Pray. And pray.

You pray for someone to discover you. You pray so that you are safe at the sea, please God…..don’t ever let any big-fish bites me, don’t let the hot sun dried my skin, don’t let the night’s cold freeze me to death. I want to live. I want to live a little bit longer. Give me the 2nd chance.

If only you’ll be given the 2nd chance, what will you do Jack? Would you fulfill whatever you’ve promised before? Would you be good to your Creator and creatures around you? Will you etc etc…! Don’t you think that you might not get the 2nd chance at all?

Think about it! Everyday your Creator gives you the second chance……it’s just that you’ve never realised it! Buckle-up! Don’t let the 2nd tsunami pounds you! Even if it pounds you, make sure you’ve well prepared to see your Creator!

“crystal clear water” @ taman melawati, kl


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