TMnet Streamyx – Hassle Free Ke ?

yahoooooo!!! opsss…….. gooooooooggle!!! streamyx is finally emerged in my house! and it’s damn wirelessly connected to my laptop at home. surf the internet or networking from anywhere, everywhere & anytime! although it’s been for a while in malaysia, provided by the leading broadband company called tmnet sdn bhd, i just taught of having it just last weekend. the back-staged story, however was not that nice though. what i taught of have a hassle-free streamyx facilities turned into something else.

the conlusion is “it’s not that easy to set streamyx alone in your house since you’re not the most knowledgable it geek in town”.

wanna know the back-stages mumblings fka stories? it goes like this:

friday (1500hrs) – after friday prayer, me and my bro rushed to low yat plaza just to get the new usb card for our desktop pc. went through a few of closed shops that day didn’t stop us from bargaining the best price for the usb card within the few shoppers at low yat plaza.

friday (1600hrs) – noticed a shop with tmnet’s ads regarding broadband. really stunned with the powerful broadband connection. asked a few questions to the shoppers and found out that the modem/router/pcmcia card offered by tmnet’s resellers were not that attractive plus it’s kinda expensive too. decided to shop around for the router/modem and pcmcia card. finished touring all the relevant floors at low yat just to find that the modem cum router’s brand (DLink) that i’m looking for is unavailable at that moment. however, bought that cool DLink wireless pcmcia card for my laptop then.

friday (1700hrs) – headed to starbucks cafe at ground floor of low yat. ordered ice blended mocha and start configuring my laptop for accessing the wifi connection thru tmnet’s hotspotz prepaid card. after 1 1/2 hours of configuration (i am really sweating and frustating though!), still unmanaged to connect to the wifi. gave up and chiow from starbucks

saturday (1100hrs) – went again to low yat and this time, quite a number os shops have opened despite the long break of chinese new year. toured low yat for the modem/router from DLink. found one, after crash bargaining, purchased that wireless modem/router. ended about 4 hours at low yat searching for such peripheral!

saturday (1700hrs) – start configuring the modem/router/pcmcia card. it’s working! need to have a streamyx account then.

monday (1300hrs) – went to the nearest kedai telekom and applied for tmnet streamyx with the RM44 package, speed 512 for 60 hours. very fast service. bravo to tmnet. within 15 minutes, got my application approved. need to wait till 1800hrs to reached home.

monday (1830hrs) – call tmnet to activate the broadband connection and successfully activated. but when trying to connect to streamyx, my laptop fails. the not-so-good stories commenced here………buckle up and off we go……….

1st call to tmnet – told by that guy at the other line that it might be a caused from the clipper (phone line and internet line separator), need to separate the clipper (or get rid of it!). bila dah buat (get rid of the clipper), still tak leh connect juga. fed up betul masa ni. panas plak tu kat melawati nih……..sweating all the way.

2nd call to tmnet – Tolong shut down all electrical peripheral’s dulu, then on balik after 10 minutes. Kalau setakat shutdown, sesiapa pun boleh advise kan…..dah buat pun, tunggu sampai router/modem sejuk pun. tapi tak leh gak. line nampak ok, cuma configuration of router je. rasa nak call lagi tmnet untuk minta tolong configure router/modem.

3rd call to tmnet – need to set dialer from router itself instead from PC. this one need investigation coz tak berapa familiar dengan router settings. nampak mcm logik gak suggestion ni coz kalau takde router, boleh lah guna dialler from desktop, tapai kalau guna router, router yang kena dial ke streamyx and laptop dial ke router.

4th call to tmnet – Need to create a new dialler from network connection. done. tapi tak leh connect jugak. last-last tidoq la, jam pun dah kul 1.20 pagi nih…….

5th call to tmnet – last call to tmnet, being advised to remove the wireless connection and use wired connection instead. la, kalau macam tu, sia-sia je la beli wireless modem/router ngan pcmcia card. tapi takpe……..nak masuk streamyx punya pasal, terpaksa la buat, kali ni guna lan cable pulak. jeng. jeng. jeng……still tak leh connect to streamyx! gave up, tidoq la apa lagi………

tuesday (1000hrs) – discuss ngan my staff (IT dept) kat office and dia cakap wireless router/modem memang streamyx tak support. hah sudah! nik kes naya nih. tapi alasan dia nampak macam logik gak. router/modem yang aku beli tu actually guna static ip and kalau tak silap tmnet hanya provide dynamic ip untuk package yang aku amik tuh… dah kes berat nih, mahal plak router/modem ngan pcmcia card yang aku beli tuh…….wireless plak. tak boleh jadik ni, mesti ada cara nak configure that thing and aku mesti carik gak walau apa terjadi sekalipun……

tuesday (1830hrs) – surfing internet guna dial up. cari dalam semua discussion form icluding low yat forum, tapi still tak jumpa plak solution dia. dah separa give up dah nih, nak je aku musnahkan router ngan modem nih………

wednesday (0200hrs) – configure punya configure, last-last dalam kul 1 pagi macam tu, berjaya gak configure and connected to streamyx. yahoooooo! opsssss…..goooooooogle! alhamdulillah! berbaloi semua efforts sebelum nih. though it’s not completely hassle free! laju giler connection. upstream 256 and downstream 512. kalau setakat download 5mb punya size, less tha 1 min je…berkelip-kelip je mata menengoknya….damn fast! tu belum lagi subscribe the highest unlimited connection of 1 mbps tu!

so sesaper yang nak advise camner nak connect to streamyx guna modem/router and pcmcia card macam yang aku beli nih, jenis DLink je la……brand lain aku tak familiar kot………bolehlah tanya aku. insya allah boleh bagi good advise, after all the hassle(s) that i have gone thru these 1/2 days. pengalaman beb! experience makes us wiser!

more detailed pics of my peripherals – click at my fotopages here


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