BDO Men’s Hockey Champions Challenge 2009 @ Salta Argentina !

perghhh mcm dah lama la plak x tengok international hockey game kan

dulu2 masa kat malaysia selalu la layan kalau ada game kat bukit jalil tuh

paling best malaysia jadi tuan rumah world cup hockey men 2002 lah

click je kat gambar atas tuh kalau nak tengok official website champion’s challenge 2009 neh ok

x sangka plak ada tournament hockey neh kat salta argentina

korang biasa dengar pasal champion’s trophy kan

top 6 in the world akan compete dalam champion’s trophy setiap 2 tahun.

dan semenjak 2001, fih dah perkenalkan satu lagi tournament baru iaitu champion challenge

ni khas untuk the next top 8 lepas top 6 tadi

top 8 in the world neh akan main dalam satu tournament

champion akan berpeluang beraksi kat chanpion’s trophy the next year

so far favourite pakistan la sebab pakistan no 7 in the world ranking men hockey sekarang neh kan

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source here

The BDO Men’s Champions Challenge 1 starts on Sunday in the northern Argentinean city of Salta. This competition was created by the FIH in 2001 and features the 8 teams just behind the elite top six currently involved in the Champions Trophy in Melbourne.

It is organized every two years, with the winner of each edition qualified for the Champions Trophy the following year: the winner of the 2009 Champions Challenge in Salta will be qualified for the 2010 Champions Trophy, in Monchengladbach, Germany.

Six of the eight teams competing in Salta are also qualified for the Hero Honda FIH World Cup 2010 in Delhi: India (host), Canada and South Africa (Continental Cup winners), and Argentina, New Zealand and Pakistan (winners of the World Cup Qualifiers recently completed).

Pakistan are the top ranked team in this competition (7th in the FIH World Rankings). They will rely on the speed and technical skills of their forwards (Rehan BUTT, Shakeel ABBASSI), on the experience of their midfield and defense (Waseem AHMED, Zeeshan ASHRAF, Salman AKBAR in goal) and of course on the lethal flick of Sohail ABBAS on penalty-corners.

read more here ok

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kenapa malaysia x masuk eh ?

sebab malaysia no 16 ranking dunia la. aisey sedih la plak

kalau top 14 sure lah boleh masuk kan.

nak check latest world ranking for men hockey click je kat sini ok


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