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Good Luck to MigDuck or MCKK Hockey Team at the National Level 2nd Round Today

good luck boys !

harap2 korang menang semua game 2nd round and masuk finale

dah lama x masuk finale ni kan.

utk rewards, sila deal ngan mat nad ya.

your ex-coach ni nak pergi ke hunza valley kejap lagi, it’s a 4hrs drive from gilgit here

show us good hockey game boys!

good luck to all coaches, oldboys and mr thaman/pala at ipoh turf pitch today!

no internet connection after this. chioww !


“Mighty Ducks Project – MCKK Hockey Revival Program” Is On Facebook!

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Good Luck to MigDuck (MCKK) Hockey Team – Hockey U-16 North Zone Championship 2010 at Turf Pitch, Sg Petani Kedah

mcm biasa since aku dah ada kat south asia, hanya boleh bagi financial ngan moral support je la kat bebudak neh kan

rough and pak tuan syed dah ada kat sungai petani pagi tadi

the whole team plus the most dedicated teacher & coach in the world – mr thaman singh (my ex coach for MCKK U-14 & MCKK U15 in 1990-1992) and mr pala dah ada di sungai petani

i will miss the turf pitch there. we did celebrated at the pitch when we did qualfied for the national championship in 2008

banyak sangat drama at sungai petani, haha aku tak jumpa la plak old blog posting tuh

will be missing the boys, the jerseys, the turf pitch, asam boi, jalan2 cari makan at sungai petani, star’s cheer mckk kopi o, the last finale is against seratas in 2008

tahun neh, based on noni kapet’s report (yes! we did blog live at 3am), aku rasa the boys akan go all the way to the final

good luck boys!


Aussies Break German Wall To Win Hero Honda Hockey World Cup 2010 (

game memang bosan giler tadi ok

aku rasa australia ngan germany both main berhati2 sangat la

attack ada la gak kan. hehe cuma xde la sehebat game diaorang masa semi dulu hehe

apa2 pun australia dah lama x menang world cup kan. germany efficient gak la attacking depa

aku suka bila counter attack australia lepas germany gagal penalty corner, power dowh

lepas ni nak kena train bebudak migduck amik drag flick la plak. hehe 🙂

source here

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NEW DELHI: Power-packed Australia proved third time lucky as they won the men’s field hockey World Cup after a 24-year hiatus with a 2-1 win over defending champions Germany on Saturday.

Luke Doerner scored the winning penalty corner 11 minutes from the end after Edward Ockenden had put the Kookaburras ahead in the sixth minute and Moritz Furste drew level for Germany in the 48th.

Doerner’s eighth goal in the tournament made him the joint leading scorer with another penalty corner specialist Taeke Taekema of the Netherlands.

Australia, whose previous World Cup title came way back in 1986, had lost the last two finals against Germany in 2002 and 2006.

The Netherlands Finish 3rd Hero Honda World Cup Hockey 2010! (

giler ah power packed goal ok. memang cool giler ah the netherlands neh

memang semangat giler aku tengok depa main

best game neh. ko imagine aku hengat holland dah nak kalah dah 3-1

sekali depa bangun balik equalise 3-3 and then boleh plak score 4-3 terus menang

cukop dramatic ok. respect giler!

source here

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NEW DELHI: The Netherlands gave veteran goalkeeper Guus Vogels a retirement present by winning the bronze medal in the men’s field hockey World Cup with a 4-3 win over England on Saturday.

In a thrilling play-off for the third and fourth place positions, Rogier Hofman scored the winning goal three minutes before the final whistle after the Dutch fought back from 1-3 at half-time.

Vogels, who turns 35 later this month, was named the Dutch captain instead of Teun de Nooijer for the bronze medal match, his last international game after earning 259 caps for his country.

European champions England, hoping for a podium finish for the first time since winning the silver medal in 1986, were swept aside in the second half by a determined Dutch side.