1st posting for knizam artwerk @ knizam.com

assamualaikum and greetings to all !

this is the day !
the day that i write the 1st post to my own domain. hehehheeh 🙂

cool isn’t it ?

owning my own domain and making the 1st move.

blogging is not new to me. i’ve been blogging since blogger starts crawling !

this will be the domain where i am going to share my experiences on various blogging topics. it’s not going to be a niche blog. after all who really like niche market right ? i’ll rather write as i travel and walk. thus u can find a few postings wrt to various topics like :

  • world news + local malaysia news !
  • mckk + koleq + kuala kangsar !
  • treasure hunt @ malaysia !
  • it forum and respective it gadgets !
  • travelodge journal and foods galore !
  • films and cinema ! music and more music !

and lots more will come !

i will write whenever i can fellas !

till then enjoy my blog ya 🙂


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