lagi gambar2 sony ericsson k810i

ni aku masukkan lagi 2 gambar handphone yang aku baru angkat. bengkok gak la poket aku masa mengangkat handphone ni kan. hehehehehe. overall mmg puas hati la. quality gambar mmg superb, though takleh lawan sony digicam dscw1 aku kan. mana nak lawan nyer, digicam aku pakai carl zeiss nyer lense. mana boleh lawan kan. heheheh. overall lepas ni tak yah la aku ke sana ke mari ngan digicam. cukup je ngan hp yang ada 3.2mp ni ajer. hehehehe.

screen dia besar dan crystal clear la. walau dalam keadaan mentari membahang yang terang giler, still boleh nampak screen dia. lagi satu aku suka ngan sony ericsson ni sebab battery dia jimat sket. plus aku dulu guna sony ericsson T610. so x yahlah nak merosakkan kepala otak aku nak unlearn & relearn function dia kan. hehehehehe

dia punya spec kat bawah ni ha

Dark-room magic
With Photo fix, you have that extra, magical dark room touch. Adjust light balance, brightness and contrast in one go, and see your good shots turn great.

Camera excellence
The 3.2-megapixel camera comes packed with features. Get sharp with auto focus. And don’t let poor lighting worry you: use the Xenon flash.

Snap away and blog
Use BestPicTM to snap nine photos in a second. Keep the ones you like. Share them via picture messages or by posting them on your blog site.

The world’s your studio
The world is full of pictures. The compact K810i Cyber-shotTM phone has all you need to catch the moment – and make it look as special as it was.

Sony Ericsson’s megapixel digital camera gives you crisp high resolution every time and added features more common to standalone cameras.

Blog your life
The easy way to share your life in pictures. Take or choose a photo, add a little text and publish it for friends and family to enjoy.

Push email
Instant email on your mobile phone, just like on your home computer. Messages are sent directly to your phone as soon as they arrive.

The BluetoothTM experience
BluetoothTM wireless technology frees more than your hands – it lets your devices talk to each other without tangles, across ranges of up to 10 metres. 

3-click music downloads
Audition and buy the Top Ten ringtones in three clicks. PlayNowTM is the fastest and easiest way to download a premium ringtone.

Music recognition
What’s that sound? Just record a few seconds of music and TrackIDTM (powered by Gracenote Mobile MusicID) returns the song name, artist and album to your phone within seconds.

Quick and easy access to broadband Internet. Say hello to video calls, audio and video streaming, Internet surfing, multimedia messaging and email on the go.

Capture the action
Video clips are ideal for those unexpected great moments that happen when you’re out there, enjoying life.

RSS feeds
Use your phone to view up-to-the-minute news and other content from selected websites and blogs. Just subscribe to the feed and let it come to you.

Web wherever
Truly mobile Internet lets you enjoy browsing the Web and manage your email effectively with the convenience of your phone, wherever you are.


  • 106 x 48 x 17mm
  • x 1.9 x 0.7inches


  • 103g
  • 3.6oz

Available colours

  • Noble Blue
  • Golden Ivory


  • 262,144-colour TFT


  • Memory Stick MicroTM (M2TM) support
  • Phone memory 64MB*

*Actual free memory may vary due to phone pre-configuration


  • GSM 900
  • GSM 1800
  • GSM 1900
  • UMTS 2100

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15 responses to “lagi gambar2 sony ericsson k810i

  1. Eeee … seronoknya dapat phone baru. My phone is nearing its end of life, but I have to live with it for a couple of months more before budget cukup nak angkat yang baru.

    I could use one with 3.2mp, but I could also use HSDPA and EDGE as well. Also throw in a GPS, too. Hmmmm, phone ape nak beli ni?


  2. that does it….
    K810i satu!!!!

    seriously, i berkenan w series…


  3. i also have the same hp as u have rite now. bought it last week through it was black in colour though. it worked amazingly and by far the best hp i’ve ever had (compared to my previous motorola V3x hp which sucks big time!!) for those who plan to buy new hp, STAY AWAY from motorola (don’t be fool with the so-called slim design). haha..


  4. camus : heheheh thanks. apa lagi kasi angkat O2 satu la. heheheh

    kawaii : cepat la beli that w series

    hasrul : yep really amazing this SE K810i


  5. I was torn between the new Nokia E90 and the PocketPC I’m so used to. I have a have and love relationship with PocketPC. Love because of all the features that it offers. Hate because it keeps hanging up in the middle of important calls and I’d feel like smashing it against the wall.

    But I heard from my brother that the new Windows Mobile 6 is very stable. And I’d need it for some of the software demonstrations I do at work.

    So, Nokia Communicator, maybe next time, huh?


  6. camus : nokia or any pda are wuite bulky lar. kalau la ada pda yang nipis tapi sharp n bright screen dia kan bagus kan. lagi satu nak storage lebih 4gb la. hehehehe


  7. nak tanye ar.. k810i ni ade front camera ke…


  8. mean, front camera dia hanya untuk 3g or still bleh guna s a camera mcm ansaet nokia…


  9. ichiro : yep k810i ada camera depan 1.3mp. sesuai utk 3G kalau nak amik gambar better pakai kamera belakang which is 3.2mp. sungguh jelas gambarnya 🙂


  10. thanx for replying.. btw memang aku nak tukar ni next week… tapi nak pastikan yang k810i ni memang berbaloi.. aku harap ko bleh jawab ek.. ok antara k800i ngan k810i, berbaloi ak kalu aku angkat k810i.. then kamera depan tu memang bleh capture pict ke… sbb produk SE sebelum ni dia ade kame ra depan tapi untuk 3g jek.. tak bleh capture pict.. then keypad dia best tak untuk taip msg.. kalu sempat jawap, jwb ek.. jasa mu dikenang..


  11. apaichiro : cam depan x leh amik gambar rasanya. keypad dia bulat2. aku rasa cam cool and new design. boring ar keypad biasa tu


  12. ok thanx….


  13. ichiro : no prob 🙂


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  15. Camus, beli P1 SonyEricsson.

    PocketPC gile la. kadang2 ok, kadang2 tak.

    one thing to note, PDA phone cost about 2k plus2. with that kind of budget, bole beli laptop baru… just a thought. haha.

    nizam: SE mmg best. tapi kalau battery kong, jangan mimpi nak on balik. its hard la, kadang2 nak on nak tgk number je.


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