blogging from the lobby of bukit bendera resort, mentakab

heheheheh finally i managed to sneak into the wireless connection at the lobby. with a few tweak of the dns, getaway and ip settings. heheheh. no la. i am no hacker. i just called the lobby receptionist and ask a few things, then voila! i am connected again to the internet.

now that i am blogging from the bukit bendera resort, mentakab pahang. this is a 3 star hotel. they called it a resort since it has a big pool, but i’ll rather called it a hotel lar. not that different with seri malaysia. the room just so-so lar. of course cannot compare with dorsett regency penang nor vistana bukit jambul penang la kan 🙂

i’ll be here for at least a week. kena tahan la dengan suasana bilik yang warna hijau ni kan. even towel warna orange! ye warna oren k! amendelah towel x warna putih ni kan. hehehehe. rasanya kalau x boleh tahan dok kat sini 5 hari, kena la masuk ke seri malaysia temerloh gamaknya. yg pastinya aku takkan masuk ke green park hotel temerloh yang scary itu kan. hehehehehe 🙂


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