You Can Win USD10,000 via YouTube Project Report 2008, Made Possible by Sony & Intel !

ok siapa nak duit raya lebih tahun ni

hehe banyak tuh down usd10,000. ada la dalam rm40,000

perghhhh banyak giler tuh kan. hehe

korang click je lah kat youtube kat bawah kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut :

aku rasa sure ada orang malaysia yang akan masuk pertandingan youtube neh kan

In partnership with the Pulitzer Center, YouTube presents Project: Report, a journalism contest (made possible by Sony VAIO & Intel) intended for non-professional, aspiring journalists to tell stories not covered by traditional media outlets that might not otherwise be told.

In each of the three rounds of Project: Report, reporters will be given an assignment to complete. Winners of each round will receive technology prizes from Sony VAIO & Intel, and the grand prize winner will be granted a $10,000 journalism fellowship from the Pulitzer Center to report on story outside their home country.

Check out all the details of Project: Report at


ASSIGNMENT for Round 1:

* Profile an individual in your community with a story you think the world should know about.
* Must be 3 minutes of less and submitted in English, or with English subtitles.
* Submission Deadline for Round 1 is 11:59 PM on Sunday October 5

apakata korang amik video masa raya or puasa and then upload kat youtube

aku pun akan masuk gak kut. aku rasa nak amik video orang kacau dodol kat kampung aku lah nanti.

sure terkejut beruk mat saleh kat youtube ngan google bila tengok.

sure pelik nyer amendalah yang kita selalu kacau dalam kawah tuh kan. hehe

sure heboh!

tuh pun kalau aku larat la kan. hehe

korang tak nak masuk ke eh ?

UPDATE @ 09 09 08 @ 0800hrs

thanks to life4hire for the update :

berita buruk…kita xleh masuk la..penduduk malaysia diharamkan masuk…

Open only to legal residents of the following countries in which YouTube is currently localized: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Korea, New Zealand, Spain, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales), and the fifty United States and District of Columbia who have reached the Age of Majority in their jurisdiction of residence, are registered members of YouTube in good standing and are proficient in the English language


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