will there be any wordpress theme that suits me ?

heheheheh this is the referral posting of my problem here. okay someone really expert in this so-called wordpress css commented on my old KNizam Artwerk wrt to my problem. all i need is actually a simple theme, perhaps 2 or 3 column and the most important thing is i like to change the header as much as i can. normally i will change the header once in 2 weeks. hehehehehhe is that what we consider regular header change ?

will there be any specific theme that suits me ?

i doubt it. so far, i have not seen any theme with 2 or 3 column that suits me.

pakcik tertipu rupa2nya. hehehehe ingatkan pakai wordpress kat domain sendiri neh senang

rupa2nya susah gak lah

kuasa la aku nak tukar apa2 kat css tuh. dah lah satu habuk pun aku tak paham dalam tuh

heheheheheeh noktahhitam suggest to change the header.jpeg and reupload. hehehe

doc ubie plak suggest jangan kacau css tuh !

thanks !


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