setia alam brochures – master plan + raddia 1 + murraya 2

this is going to be a long post of pictures. your server might not like it as the pics will congest your temporary memory (together with virtual memory) allocated within the server or even your pc. ehehehehehehe. dah ramai sangat yang tanya aku pasal setia alam township or rumah yang aku nak beli neh.

so sebelum2 ni aku post gambar2 from my digicam and tak sempat nak scan the full brochures from setia alam. this time, aku dah scan semua. so korang tengok la puas2 all the setia alam punya master plan (completed 2015) and rumah yang aku ngan adik aku nak beli – murraya 2 and raddia 1.

hehehehehehe kalau tak puas hati gak, korang pergi la sendiri ke setia alam sales office tu jer. hhahahahhahaahah 🙂

yang ni setia alam township masterplan

yang ni double storey terrace house type – murraya 2 (precint 8)

yang ni plak double storey terrace house type – raddia 1 (precint 7)

yang ni plak brochures pasal precint 7 & 8

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