the latest o2 xda zinc

all the pics above are from official o2 website at here

u can also read the review from cnet at here

so shud i get this one? will cost me around rm3000 though. quite expensive eh! this one is qute bulky for me. i have been using the sony ericcson t610 for quite sometime and i am very pleased with it’s performance to date. it’s been 3 years of marriage with t610 and now i think i need something new. not just a phone with 2.0mp capabilities, i also need something with 3g connection and outlook capabilities. would this o2 zinc serve me good then? to early to judge though 🙂

so far the choices have been limited to o2, nokia and sony ericsson and please don’t tell me to review others like dopod, palm etc ya 🙂


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