Mighty Ducks at MSSD KK Hockey U-18 Championship 2008 @ 1st League Match – MCKK vs SM Clifford

this is yet another live update from kuala kangsar bandar diraja !

internet is rather slow at safari. didn’t manage to locate the field.

arrived at sk sungai siput at 0800hrs

no one is around except for a few technical team checking the goal posts

clifford team arrived. followed by koleq team.

now that everyone is there.

cikgu khairi & cikgu khaidir were there to assist the registration

pre-committee meeting at sm methodist sg siput. what the ?

warmed up and light training at 0815hrs.

1st whistle at 0830hrs. told the boys to hold at least for the 1st 15 minutes

and they managed it ! no goals for the 15 minutes ! good !

but at the 16th minute, clifford team scored. buckle up boys !

by half-time the team is behind by 0-2 score

we need a consistent mid-field.

need to polish further basic skills like hit and stop

pep talk to the team at half-time. 100 plus save the day !

ensure that it’s possible to score.

try to get the short corner the soonest possible when the 2nd whistle blown

2nd half is even better.

change the midfield. realign the stopper and right mid

it works well ! manage to get the 1st goal.

try harder to get the equaliser

final whistle blown. we lost 1-2. that’s it !

need to win the next game.

otherwise, it’s all over for us this year

the momentum to win is there. the spirit is high

they believe it’s possible to get the field goal.

need to maintain the momentum.

we’ll beat them at the final !

hehe 🙂


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