Have You Seen “Living Malaysian Hospitality (Malaysia Airlines Employee Advocates’ Blog)” ?

wow !

aku tak sangka mas pun ader blog

ingatkan airasia adjer. haha :confusedlot:

banyak gak entries aku tengok

ni sedutan drpd flickR MAS

In case you have not heard, we are going through a transformation process. We successfully made it through our turnaround last year and now we are heading towards our goal to become a 5-Star Value Carrier, delivering the best products and services to your at affordable prices. We are doing this amidst skyrocketing fuel prices. We created the Living Malaysian Hospitality blog to capture the essence of people behind this transformation. Real stories from employees driving the Malaysia Airlines transformation, a showcase of employees’ experiences – challenges, success stories and perspectives.

Come read about insights on life onboard Malaysia Airlines @ www.malaysiaairlinesblog.com/

siap ada flickR lagi tuh ! cayalah mas ! haha

memang cool lah diaorang neh. blog pun updated from their staff sendiri. hehe

korang click je lah kat mana2 image nak pergi ke blog mas tuh

hopefully lagi banyak entries pasal cuti2 malaysia lah dalam blog dia kan. hehe


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