Five Blasts Followed After Lahore Twin Suicide Attacks (

ni case paling teruk

aku sampai je kat isb tadi dalam kul 1945hrs terus balik rumah

bukak tv ingatkan nak tengok pasal twin blasts masa solat jumaat

sekali tv tunjuk another 5 blasts kat moon market. hampeh je !

nampak lahore kena attack 3 kali dalam masa seminggu ni

hari jumaat hari ni je dah ada bomb blasts withing 7 hours je beb!

dah la ada 1 army every 100m tadi from avari lahore ke airport

source here

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LAHORE: After the deadly twin suicide attacks in Lahore Cantonment that killed 39 and injured about a 100. Lahore’s Moon Market has witnessed five low intensity blasts within an hour of each other. One person has also been taken into custody from the area.

No casulaties have been reported in the explosions, only minor injuries that needed first aid treatment.

The sound of the explosions were heard in a two kilometer radius, the low intensity blasts created panic but not much harm.

The first blast occurred in Kashmir Block near Moon Market which had only three months earlier been reduced to ashes.

The second explosion took place in Iqbal Town’s Kashmir block in front of Group Captain Pakistan Airforce, Inam-ul-Haq’s home.

The third blast took place in Iqbal Town’s Muslim Block in front of Edhi Welfare and Ambulance and Rescue 1122 offices.

The fourth blast occurred outside the home of DSP Punjab Police, Khalid Javed Chaudhry in Iqbal Town’s Karim Block.

The fifth blast took place in Iqbal Town area but the exact area is not being ascertained. – DawnNews


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