eureka ! i have found it ! weeheeeee

remember the problem with wordpress theme that i post that day at here ?

just bloghopping at blog afham just now

and i am really impressed with the simplicity of his theme

i browsed through the theme that he used and found this link

lepas tuh aku download wordpress theme dia and then terus activate

jeng jeng jeng….check kat header nampak ada customizable header !

perghhhhhh syukur2. akhirnya ada gak theme yang cool camni !

so bolehlah aku memblog sesuka hati kat lepas neh. hheheheh

heheheheheheeh lepas neh boleh lah tukar2 header sesuka hati cam kat tuh !

hehehehehehe jika rasa gembira tepok tangan ! hohohoho !


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