Ethnic Clashes in Urumqi, China

aku tengok dah makin teruk plak kes ethnic clashes di urumqi china neh kan

makin teruk. kat sana pun dah tak aman.

harap2 semua pihak dapat bersabar dan berdamai kembali

latest case umat islam tak boleh nak solat jumaat di masjid

aisey. mcm mana la boleh jadi sampai mcm tuh sekali kan

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korang check je lah gambar berkualiti from big picture ok

sedikit info berkenaan Uyghur People via wikipedia di sini ya

source here

On Sunday, July 5th in Urumqi, the capital of China’s western Xinjiang region, thousands of minority ethnic Uighur residents marched, demanding a government investigation into an earlier incident – a brawl between Han Chinese and Uighurs in a toy factory in Shaoguan that ended with at least two Uighur deaths.

Sometime during the July 5th protest the situation became very violent, Uighurs clashing with police and attacking local Han Chinese.

Urumqi citizens woke the next morning to learn that over 1,000 people had been injured and 156 killed in their city.

Government forces worked to quell the violence and to separate the newly-formed Han vigilante groups and the Uighurs still in the streets.

Communications were shut off, streets closed, curfews imposed, hundreds arrested, and thousands of troops poured into Urumqi, which remains tense – several clashes reported even today.

[ Update: Today, 7/10/09, Chinese officials released the ethnic breakdown of those killed in the riots for the first time – 137 of victims were ethnic Han, 46 were Uighurs and one was Hui. AP Story ]

(36 photos total)


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