Change The Way We Use Energy, Urges PM ?

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Thursday June 5, 2008 MYT 6:48:30 PM

Change the way we use energy, urges PM


PUTRAJAYA: The effects of greenhouse gases coupled with the recent increase in global fuel prices should bring about a new structural change in the way Malaysians use energy.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the private sector should not merely celebrate World Environment Day by merely planting trees or other such activities.

“These programmes should be coupled with new initiatives based on technology and innovation. Private companies – together with the cooperation of other government agencies – should focus their attention on developing technology that is more efficient in the usage of resources and renewable energy such as solar, wind and waves.

“Besides ‘greening’ our economy, such technology will lead to other business opportunities and new jobs as well as creating new industries,” he said Thursday in his speech at the Langkawi Awards for sustainable cities here.

His speech was read out by his wife Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah.

Abdullah said the World Environment Day celebrations should act as a reminder to all Malaysians to adopt a low-carbon approach in their lifestyle and economic activities.

“The awareness and involvement of everybody is so important. We have to instil culture and a way of life based on our responsibility to conserve the environment and use our natural resources in a sustainable manner.

“We have to see the environment we live in as being on loan from our future generations,” he said.

Abdullah said besides acting as a catalyst for development, cities in Malaysia were also centres for the distribution of goods and services.

“The drastic economic growth of a city does not just impact its ecological system but that of surrounding areas as well. Therefore, a balanced growth for a city will bring benefits to communities in both the cities and outlying areas,” he pointed out.

In his speech, Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas said Asean ministers had set up a working group on environmental sustainable cities to encourage its members to conserve the environment.

“We have also outlined an Asean Framework for sustainable cities. Besides Singapore, Malaysia is in the forefront of other Asean countries,” he said.

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