Bullet-riddled Bodies of Militants Found in Kurram (Dawn.com)

macam2 la berlaku kat bumi pakistan neh kan

kat atas sket from peshawar tu ada satu area dipanggil FATA or federally administered tribal area

kat area ni mmg undang2 pakistan dah tak terpakai lagi, bagi law depa sahaja

memang pelancong tak dibenarkan masuk ke area FATA ni sebab xde law ok.

source here

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PESHAWAR: Residents recovered the bullet-riddled bodies of six militants in a tribal area of northwest Pakistan, an official said on Saturday.

The bodies were recovered in the Kurram tribal region near the Afghan border.

“There was infighting among two militants groups. One group killed six of the rival group and fled…. Residents discovered these corpses today,” Mumtaz Khan, a local administrative official in the area, told AFP.


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