Blog-hopping When You’re Bored

once in a while i am in the mode of blogging-block.

yes i don’t know what exactly to write or post.

at times i feel so not blogging anymore.

and you know what is the best solution ?

no. the best solution is no to stay away from your screen for 7 days

it’s still not the best.

for me the best solution is still the one and only bloghopping !

yep bloghopping

bloghopping for me is just an island hopping holiday


Blog hopping is ….
to follow links from one blog entry to another, with related side-trips to various articles, sites, discussion forums, and more.

who say u need to be off screen to enjoy your holidays meh ?

heheheheheeh korang percaya ke ?

cubalah !

or kalau dah takde idea sangat.

amik gambar tampal2 kat blog

lepas tuh cerita2lah sket. ok ler kan. heheehhehe 🙂


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