what i need to do …

a few things that i need to settle for the time being. and i need to do them the quickest possible

  • take out the last treasure hunt’s paper sticker
  • get my car wax for the 1st time after 5 years
  • get some utensils for my mom
  • financial year end closing next week +weekend
  • futsaltera 9094 this weekend
  • send zaman to sbpi gombak this weekend
  • watch the fireworks at picc area
  • pay all my bills this weekend (lots of bills – astro, maxis, streamyx, tm bills, credit cards, insurance etc)
  • prepare for the p&o insurance claim of my windscreen (replaced at glenmarie last tuesday)
  • find new place for jalan2 carik makan. hehehe
  • saya sudah gila buku -jom la beli buku banyak2 ya!

and time really flies so fast this weekend. i just got this weekend to pamper myself before concentrate on the financial system closing next weekend and coaching again at koleq ground the next weekend.

and dowh! i still need to pass the next week’s financial year end for my company. that means no merdeka day for me la kan (ala i have been working for last 4 merdeka days since 2003).

need to really settle all the company’s financial system by next wednesday (trial run) and friday (real run).

not forgetting working on saturday (for reconciliation works) and perhaps sunday!

demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia itu dalam kerugian

life is short. make it worth it!

ni pics la today. no mood to take any pics. perhaps later la kot 🙂


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