Nat Geo Adventure TV Promo(s) & Ad(s) – Best Siot TV Channel Ni, Sebab Banyak Sangat Travel Series Hehe

aku mmg dah tertarik la ngan channel nat geo adventure ni kan

memang tetiap hari aku layan channel ni jela

hari tu masa sampai ke islamabad aku hengatkan dapat la travel and living asia

sekali hampeh takde langsung ok. dah la aku selalu layan channel tu kat astro malaysia

All aboard Europes largest Cruise Ship the Costa Serena. This magnificent vessel is one of the most technologically advanced at sea and carries almost 3000 passengers along with 1200 crewmembers. Take a fly-on-the-wall look at how life unfolds for staff and tourists.

tu yang datang sini mati kutu kejap, semua sports channel dah la hantu cricket kan

seb baik la ada channel travel mcm nat geo adventure ni hehe

layan je lah semua vid clip promo tv neh ok

nat geo adventure….. let’s get LOST !

National Geographic Channel announces the launch of Nat Geo Adventure — a bold new channel that unleashes the spirited adventurer in all of us.


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