Enjoy a Complimentary 3D/2N stay in Penang by TuneHotels – Enter The NuffNang Contest Now !

hehe jarang2 la aku masuk contest nuffnang neh kan

biasanyer aku buat promo je kat blog

tuh pun ala2 kadar adjer

enter the nuffnang offer pasal tune hotel penang downtown now !

kali neh aku tergerak nak masuk la contest nuffnang neh

lagipun kalau menang boleh pegi penang

stay kat tune hotel, downtown penang (hah downtown?)

hehe boleh lah jalan2 carik makan dengan cuti2 malaysia sekali kan

mcm best je tune hotel neh

interior design mmg cool dan cun la wall paper dia kan

aku tengok semua benda basic dia adalah. mmg cool

hehe aku rasa aircond pun boleh sewa by hour

mmg berbaloi lah kalau camtuh sebab biasanya masa siang, kita jarang sekali ada hotel kan

biasanyer siang2 terus je keluar jalan2 cuti2

so malam je biasanyer nak rileks kat hotel kan.

oklah. korang yang glitterati nuffnang pun boleh masuk jugak

manalah tahu ada rezeki kita boleh bercuti bersama kat penang. hehe

– – – – –

check out slogan yang aku buat.

saja je write in manglish. barulah penang ok. hehe

I want to stay at TuneHotels Downtown Penang because ….

aiyaaaaa no need explanation lor. i need a vacation so that i can enjoy my jalan2 cari makan and cuti2 malaysia meh. lots of food to taste. remember char kuey tiaw gurney drive, chendol at swatow lane, nasi kandar line clear, passembow at gurney drive, laksa n abc special at teluk bahang, mee udang sungai dua, jeruk at chowrasta market, durian at balik pulau, see ! lots of food meh.

i can also visits bukit bendera, walking at feringghi beach, enjoy the sea breeze at teluk bahang, photographing butterflies at butterflies park penang, shopping at georgetown, buying buah pala at the market, talking to birds at bird park, etc etc.

aiyaaaa so many places to see. i wonder whether tune hotel will extend the 3d2n to 5d4n. hehe 🙂 else i’ll extending the stay myself lah. cool meh !

dah macam blog post plak dowh ! haha

apa2 adjer lah kan. haha

– – – – –

click here to check out the offer by nuffnang ok !

source nuffnang blog

TuneHotels is one of Asia’s best valued hotels with branches in KL, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and KLIA-LCCT Airtport. Just recently TuneHotels opened up in Downtown Penang with 258 rooms strategically located at the heart of George Town, Penang’s capital; next to New World Park within 5 mins drive to Komtar and all the historical Heritage sites in George Town. Because we always strive to get freebies for our Nuffnangers, this time we’ve managed to get 15 complimentary 3D/2N stays at TuneHotels Downtown Penang exclusively for our Nuffnanger Glitterati! Please note however that these complimentary stays are not inclusive of any “add-ons” or items that you may purchase during your stay there.

Terms and Conditions
– This offer is only for Glitterati members
– Slogan contest ends 21st March 2009
– Winners for the slogan contests will be notified via email
– Winners are required to claim the vouchers from Nuffnang office in KL during working hours
– The complimentary stay offer is only between 1st April till 30th of June 09
– The complimentary stay offer is only valid at TuneHotels Downtown Penang
– The complimentary stay offer is not applicable on Eve of and Public Holidays.
– The complimentary stay offer is not inclusive of other add-ons
– The complimentary stay offer is subject to room availability at time of booking
– The complimentary stay offer is requires an advanced 2 weeks booking prior to stay date


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