World Cup 2010 South Africa – Official Adidas Ball “Jabulani” Revealed!

perghhh lawa siot bola adidas kali neh

memang lain daripada yang lain lah kan

takdelah boring sangat bola2 sebelum neh. biasanya design ntah hapa2 ntah

kali neh ada kaler sket la. baru lah seronok tengok kan

skeali tengok mcm ada gambar stadium la pulok kat bola rasmi world cup 2010 neh kan

jom kita layan sekali youtube pasal pembikinan bola rasmi world cup 2010 neh

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On the day of the Final Draw for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™, the official ball for the competition has been unveiled. The adidas Jabulani, which means ‘to celebrate’ in isiZulu, is the 11th edition of adidas’s FIFA World Cup balls.

The 11 colours that are present on the Jabulani pay tribute to both football and the country in which Africa’s first-ever FIFA World Cup will be held. They represent a colour for each team player, every official South African language and for each of the 11 South African communities that will welcome the world next year. The design celebrates two of the most important facets of the South African nation – diversity and harmony – as it is these principles that make it such a colourful and welcoming nation.

Grip ‘n’ groove
Jabulani ushers in some major advances in football technology. Running your hands over the ball, the first impression is the grip’n’groove texture, which allows for maximum control, stable flight and perfect grip under all conditions.

The grip ’n’ groove’s profile circles twist around round the entire ball in an optimal aerodynamic way and the integrated grooves provide unmatched flight characteristics, making this the most stable and most accurate adidas ball ever.


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