today is 18th ramadhan 1428h…kerja dowh :)

i am working today. need to close the company’s account for period 1 fy2008. hehehe. so boring. dah ada kat office ni since 1115hrs tadi to check those errors encountered (if any) for m-2.

dah mula ngan job m since kul 1425hrs tadi.

hope to finish all the scheduled and other jobs before 1700hrs.

insyaAllah 🙂

p/s – tetiba sedey la plak buat kerja sambil dgr lagu2 raya nih. huhuhuhu

masa lepas zuhur tadi, sempat snap a few pic from menara tm nih. cuaca agak la berjerubu daripada atas neh. memang tengah musim panas ramadhan kali ni kan. heheheheehe


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