Two Killed in Yet Another Target Killing Incident (

target killing neh mcm dah menjadi2 sangat la sekarang

hari neh pakistan day, harap2 takde apa2 yang teruk berlaku la kan

dah mcm dok dalam medan perang plak aku kat sini dowh hehe 🙂

source here

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QUETTA: Two people were killed in an incident of target killing in Panjgoor town of Balochistan on Tuesday.

Police said that the assailants on motorcycles opened fire on the two persons near Grid Station area of Panjgoor. One person was killed on the spot while the other succumbed to his injuries in the hospital.

Both the victims were identified as labourers. Police officials have started investigation into the incident.

Incidents of target killings in the province have increased in the past few weeks. A renowned educationist Professor Fazal Bari was gunned down in Quetta on Monday, while several others have also been killed in fatal attacks recently.


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