Turkish Airlines Plane Crashes at Schiphol, Amsterdam Airport

mak aihhhhh putus sampai 3 beb

ni la perkaran yang paling ditakuti bila naik flight kan

masa take-off ngan landing lah paling scary. hehe

dah lama takde airplane crash seteruk ni

harap2 ramailah yang selamat

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A Turkish Airlines plane carrying at least 135 people crashed in a field and broke into three sections today while coming in to land at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, with all those on board surviving, airline officials said.

The airline originally said that one person had died and 20 were injured as the Boeing 737-800 came down heavily close to the airport. However, the Turkish Airlines chief executive told reporters later that this was incorrect and no one had been killed. Turkey‘s transport minister, Binali Yildirim, reiterated this.

The crashed jet, about to land on a morning flight from Istanbul, came down as it approached the furthest runway from the terminals at Schiphol, which is 12 miles from Amsterdam’s centre. Although it crashed in countryside, houses could be seen close to the site.

The impact split the fuselage near the front of the wing, while tail section was sheared off. One of the engines was also sheared off from a wing, although there was no sign of fire or smoke.

One passenger told Turkey’s NTV television that the crash seemed to happen “in the space of five to 10 seconds”. He added: “I was sitting at the back of the plane. Myself, my friend and about 15 other passengers were able to get out on our own. We tried to help some other people but then the ambulances arrived. There were injured people.”

A Turkish Airlines official at Schiphol airport said many passengers were outside the stricken plane wading through luggage which had been strewn across the scene.

“We are in the middle of a field now, approximately five or six kilometres from the airport,” one survivor, Mustafa Bahcecioglu, told Turkish broadcaster Channel 24.

“The majority of the passengers are injured but there are people who are not injured. Around 30 ambulances have come here,” he said, according to Reuters.

The plane, flight TK1951, departed Istanbul’s Ataturk airport at 7.55am local time, according to local Turkish TV reports. Other reports suggested that the plane appeared to be travelling too quickly while preparing to land.

The airport, one of the main aviation hubs in Europe, was closed to air traffic following the crash. An airport spokeswoman confirmed that a Turkish Airlines plane had crashed as it came into land, but gave no further details.

A witness, Ihsan Karachay, told the Turkish TV channel HaberTurk, that he saw the crash from the airport. He said: I saw a plane coming and quickly coming down. I thought, Oh my God. It’s crashed. Police were on the scene along with firefighters within 10 minutes.”

Some reports said there were 135 people on board, while other accounts said it was 143 – 135 passengers and eight crew.


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