ShoutMix Buat Maintenance Ke Setiap Kali Pukul 1900hrs Eh ?

hehe dah beberapa hari aku perasan

setiap kali pukul 1900hrs je sure shoutbox aku akan bermasalah

aku nak masuk pun tak boleh

asyik keluar error adjer lah ! geram gua ok…. haha

ni yang geram ni. dah la paid shoutbox ok. haha

aku dah sound dengan shoutmix.

kita tunggu response from shoutmix nanti ok

haha kitaaaaaa tunggguuuuuuuuuuuu !

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update @ 23 11 2008 @ 2300hrs

Hi There !

I can’t access my shoutbox exactly at 1900hrs just now
what’s the problem ya ?

u can check the screen shot here –

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Hi KNizam,

I have checked the server log as well as bandwidth graph, all seems to work fine as usual for the entire week and more. Do you mean it happens only on 7PM GMT+8, Malaysia time?

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hi tan,

yep it happens at exactly 1900hrs malaysia time since last 3 days
i have managed to captured the screen for today

is there some kinda of maintenance done during that minute ?


– – – – –

Not exactly. The backup process, which is the only maintenance that runs in the background, happens on 5.30pm GMT+8 and ends about 10 minutes later. The CPU log shows no unusual activity for the entire day and have been serving pages as usual at around 50% capacity.

I’ll wait for tomorrow again to determine if it is a network issue.

Tan W.H.
– – – – –
ok thanks for the reply
will wait for tomorrow then


– – – – –
No problem Nizam. Please do contact me again tomorrow when the time comes. I hope to check it directly on the spot when it happens.

Tan W.H.


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