“Risk Mitigation for Renewable Energy Projects” Seminar by UNI STRATEGIC

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Why you should attend

For the past decade the power market has been subject to waves of upset globally. Volatile prices, doubts over the sanctity of long term contracts, liberalization policies and regulatory uncertainty, have resulted in deep apprehensions on the part of both investor and creditors.  However, power plants generating energy from renewable resources such as wind, bio-mass, hydro- and solar-technologies have found favor with lenders and investors even in difficult markets.

Participants will learn about:

  • Structuring Renewable Energy Projects: Wind, Biomass, Small Hydro, Landfill Gas and Waste to Energy, Solar
  • Risk Assessment and Allocation in Renewable Transactions
  • Incentives: Feed-in tariffs, Renewable Portfolio Standards, Subsidies and Grants, Tax Credits, Depreciation Schedules, and others
  • Carbon-Credits and Trading Markets
  • Cash flow Analysis and Structuring Alternatives
  • Debt and Equity Alternatives and Incentives
  • Commodity Price Hedging for Wind and Other Deals
  • Managing International Risks
  • Case Studies: Wind Power, Bio-Mass and Solar Projects

Who should attend

This event is specially catered to the following designations:

Commercial Director | VP | CXO | Risk Managers | Project Finance Director | Quality Control Manager | Business Head | Head of Renewable | President Director | Country Head | Business Analyst | Feedstock Dept Head | Head of Energy & Infrastructure | Trader | Broker | Renewable Energy Program Development Head

From the following industries:

Regulatory Bodies | Energy | Power & Utilities Companies | Banking & Finance | Private Equity and SWFs | Fuel Companies | Fuel Suppliers | Chemical Processing Companies | Brokerages / Trading Houses | Government Ministries | Rating Agencies | Energy Exchanges


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