Response Tun Dr M via on Him Being The “Duri Dalam Daging” for UMNO

man you have to read this.

the response of tun dr m on the recent attack of him being “duri dalam daging“.

click here to read the full article ! hehe 🙂

seriously i am not that happy with all these political thinggy pasca GE 2008

why such news being aired over and over again

come on la !

there’s a lot of other things that can make the 1st 20 minutes of bulletin utama

or even the headlines of the mainstream papers.

please la !

we have bigger issues like education. the economy.

damn poor transportation. flood here flood there.

seems-like-good broadband services.

the wireless is no where to reach 3.5G

increase price here and there. bla bla bla

even the global warming issues can’t beat malaysian politics la like this meh ! haha

better still please la publish something that can promote malaysia further

like the jalan2 carik makan series. or even jalan2 cuti2 malaysia

it will steer the economy. it’ll make people happy

haishhhh. now who’s disagree with me ?


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