Quake felt in Malaysia

harap2 x sampai la mcm 9.1 scala richter mcm dulu tuh ya

Quake felt in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR:The massive earthquake off the western coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra island sent “shudders” to several parts of Malaysia.

Residents in high-rise units either dashed down on their own or were directed to do so by security personnel. Most reported feeling tremors at about 7.15pm.

A Kuala Lumpur City Hall official said the operations centre received information that tremors were felt in Setapak, Cheras, Jalan Pudu and several other parts of the city.

“We are monitoring all high-rise buildings and have mobilised and sent out teams to the areas concerned,” he said, adding that minor cracks had appeared on two blocks of the Hospital Kuala Lumpur workers’ quarters.

No casualties were reported.

About 2,500 residents of the PPR Pudu Ulu flats and Pudu Impiana apartments in Jalan Pudu ran down when the tremors were felt.

K. Nalathambi, 51, a resident of PPR Pudu Ulu flats, said he felt the building shaking and saw the cabinet in his living room “rattle”.

“It was scary as I had felt such a tremor during the last tsunami,” said the schoolbus driver who lives on the fifth floor.

Safety zone: Residents of the Bukit Cagar flats evacuated their homes after feeling initial tremors as a result of the earthquake in Sumatra last evening.

George Moir, 80, who lives in the Langkawi Apartments in Setapak, said he felt the tremor at about 7.15pm while sitting in front of his computer.

About 3,000 residents of several blocks of the Penara flats in Taman Tasek Permaisuri, Cheras, also evacuated.

Residents at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur quarters were among those asked to evacuate three blocks of flats.

Gurdav Kaur, 40, said they were directed to do so almost immediately by police and Fire and Rescue Department personnel who used a loudhailer.

They were not allowed to return until 9.30pm.

In JOHOR BARU, thousands of people at the Bukit Cagar flats evacuated their units.

Storekeeper Pang Tai Kuang, 35, said he was having a nap when he was awakened by the tremors, which lasted about 15 minutes.

“I thought I was dreaming, but realised the tremors were real and dashed out,” he added.

Housewife Juliana Ghazali, 28, who just gave birth three days ago, had a nervous time walking down from the 15th floor as the lift was out of service.

In MALACCA, residents of several high-rise apartments made a quick dash down after realising what had happened.

Those living in Ujong Pasir and Banda Hilir were the most affected. Michael Nunis, 58, who was visiting a friend in Ujong Pasir, said the tremors made him feel dizzy.

Gloria Wong, 30, said she was with her three children on the eighth floor of the 12-storey Kekwah Apartment when she felt the tremors.

“I was scared and immediately rushed down with my children, using the staircase,” she said, adding that there were already about 100 people downstairs when they got down.

Abdullah Bakar, 45, a guard at the apartment, was one of the calmer residents, saying this was not the first time he had experienced tremors.

“This has happened about five or six times before,” he recalled.

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