Projek Gemilang Hoki 2010 by Class of 94 @ 3rd & 4th March 2007 @ MCKK

Been to Kuala Kangsar last weekend for the Mighty Duck Project 2010 by MCKK Class of 94. The schedule is quite packed as we need to really maximise the time that we had with the boys at kuale. Stayed at Guest House, Kem BTN Kuala Kangsar. Thanks to Epit for a very nice accommodation. Rough has blogged about this in the Batch’s Blog – koleq9094 Blog. So I’ll just post the pics and videos of the last training session here.

MCKK Projek Gemilang Hoki 2010 Class of 94 – Pictures & Videos

Session 1 – 3.3.2007 @ 0900hrs – 1230hrs
Hockey Field, MCKK
Icebreaking Session & Hit/Pass Training by Thorsten

Session 2 – 3.3.2007 @ 1415hrs – 1630hrs
Tactical by Thorsten & Fitness Module by Wong

Session 3 – 3.3.2007 @ 1715hrs – 1830hrs
Hockey Field, MCKK
Fitness Module Assessment by Wong

Session 4 – 4.3.2007 @ 1000hrs – 1245hrs
Hockey Field, MCKK

Game Assessment & Top 20 Selection for MC-RMC/PFS Match

Session 5 – 3.3.2007 @ 1430hrs – 1630hrs
Feedback/Post Mortem Session

u can view more structured blog/pics/videos at the following

these are the list of players for the projek gemilang hoki 2010 by mckk class of 94.


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