NuffNang Now Has This Thing Called “Buffered Earnings” Lor !

nuffnang, yearghhhh the local ad company. no not the one like big billboard, this is the company that pays u whenever visitors click or view the ads pasted at your blog. hehe

i noticed that i have yet to receive any campaign ads for my blog.

okeylah only one per week ma. hehe

more often than not, the long and rectangle ad as above (apa ke nama tu hah ?) will be blued with nuffnang standard ad campaign.

sekali aku perasan lately neh memang ada a few ads yang muncul and it’s not a campaign mind u.

kejap2 tukar2 ad. aku confuse kejap.

kejap2 mister potato. kejap ada vios. haha

sekali bila aku check dalam nuffnang nyer account nampak ada satu column baru panggil buffered earnings. la ada benda baru rupanya dalam nuffnang neh. hehe bagus gak menda neh kan. especially untuk yang jarang dapat ad campaign cam aku neh. kalau dapat pun seminggu maximum 2. tak pernahnyer 3. hehe

to nuffnang, good job !

more campaign pleaseeeeee. haha

untuk yang click kat banner tuh, thanks ! i likkkkeeeeeee. haha


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