NuffNang New Survey for Bloggers ! Mari Kita Isikan Survey Itu Beramai2 ! Hehe :)

masa aku log in dalam nuffnang tadi

aku perasan yang nuffnang tengah buat new survey

dia minta korang isikan sekali apa perihal diri korang

mungkin survey neh boleh membantu nuffnang mengenal anda dgn lebih lanjut

dan boleh meningkatkan pendapatan anda melalui iklan2 nuffnang

ni petikan daripada nuffnang blog :

This survey is very important to allow us to collect information about your blog to help us sell your blog ad space to advertisers. Each advertiser has their own target market so most of their campaigns are selected often based by the demographics of your readers, the genre of your blog and other details that you can find from the survey. Since targeted ads perform better in terms of click-through ratios and interaction, this information will help improve the performance of ads placed on your blog and with better performance in ads, advertisers are likely to place more advertising on your blogs.Hence, we at Nuffnang cannot stress enough how important this survey is so please take 5 minutes of your day to fill up this information.

siapa tahu kan. hehe apa lagi dowh !

isikan je lah semua survey2 tuh. ala bukannya banyak sangat pun kan. hehe


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