ns camp chief gets the boot?

why on earth did we blamed the whistle blower instead of throughlly investigate the issue beforehand? i didn’t understand, and neither do others. if the camp is bad, so it be. let’s work on it and improve the camp. sacking the whistle blower won’t solve the prime issue, instead will create several others. aiyaaaaa. why la ini macam?

NS camp chief gets the boot

PETALING JAYA: Camp commandant Zulkarnain Abdullah has been sacked with immediate effect after he criticised the management of the Kisana Beach Resort National Service (NS) camp in Kelantan.

He received his dismissal letter from the NS Department on Thursday evening.

No reason was given, he claimed, adding that he had packed up and left the camp.

“I just couldn’t bear to face the trainees,” said Zulkarnain, who has also been barred from attending the NS closing ceremony, when the participants will mark the end of the first NS programme this year.

Zulkarnain had criticised the management for providing defective equipment and not looking into the welfare of the trainees.

Among others, he complained that the management, Rimbun Kisana Development Sdn Bhd, had failed to get a certificate of fitness for the training equipment.

This had allegedly resulted in the trainees not being able to carry out several exercises such as the flying fox high-wire exercise.

He claimed that half the exercises in the physical training module had to be scrapped, causing the trainees to just do marching drills.

The management company has since denied the allegations.

About 400 trainees, who started their stint at the camp on Jan 1, are due to go home today.

Choking with emotion, Zulkarnain said: “When you do the right thing and get kicked out for no apparent reason, it is just frustrating and sad.

“I was simply looking out for them (the trainees) and was worried about their welfare – not to engage in a personal vendetta against the camp management as implied by some press reports.”

The camp’s alleged shabby conditions first surfaced after the death of trainee Prema Elenchelian on Feb 27, purportedly due to health reasons.

NS Training Department director-general Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil could not be reached for comments on the action against Zulkarnain.

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