Nomads Featuring Steve McCurry (The Famous Photographer) – Bila Tengok Mesti Terasa Nak Pergi Melancong Ke India Lah!

best betul bila dapat layan dokumentari the nomads kat youtube ni

kali ni depa featuring steve mccurry, ala photog terkenal kat natgeo tu la

yang shoot gambar perempuan afghan yang famous tu, yang cover magazine sekali

with the camera with his only weapon, photographer steve mccurry travel around the globe and observe life through his lens. he is in search of perfect outcoming…

When Steve McCurry left for India for a few month trip he never knew that it would be his place of passion. Becoming one of the premier photojournalist Steve McCurry visits India to photograph the people and country.

amacam cool tak rancangan the nomads ni?

terus rasa nak pergi travel around the world kan. hehe 🙂

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